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 What time is the camp?

From day one, all session times have been posted at www.warriorvolleyballcamps.com.  The times listed are planned, but could change if necessary due to unforeseen conflict or low camp numbers.  For 2020 for most camps, we have made back-to-back sessions with a small break in camps instead of a big break in order to offer more camps.  We may plan to use the break, but we have been playing through it.  Should there be a requirement for sanitization/hygiene procedures, this 30-minute break would be utilized in the function.  In the unlikely event we should adjust times, that is communicated the day before camp.

 Where is camp?

Camp is on the campus of Lewis-Clark State College in the Activity Center.  We start and end in the main gym, but may utilize other areas such as the aux gym or mezzanine.  This is also on our website at https://www.warriorvolleyballcamps.com/facilities_directions.cfm.

 Can you give me information about check in?

Please use the loop to drop your camper off or park in the parking lot across from the main entrance to the Activity Center.  Check in will be outside, before you enter the building near the ATM and will be available 30 minutes before the start of camp outside the main entrance to the activity center.  Everyone is required to self-screen via the email sent the night before each camp as well as with the posted signs outside the building. Campers should wear a mask if they have one to check-in, but masks are available at check-in and must be worn to the floor.  Once on the gym floor and playing, masks are no longer required. We will dismiss campers by having them exit the building using the double-wide doors down in the ramp on the north side. Pick-up will be available at the top of the ramp.

 Why am I not receiving any information about session times and check-in?

Session times have and always will be available on www.warriorvolleyballcamps.com.  These times will remain unless there is an unforeseen reason such as a lack of registered/paid campers.  In that event, we are going to wait to see if we can get enough campers before adjusting times.  Many campers pay at the last minute leaving us with no choice but to communicate that information last minute. With the last-minute registration/payment of campers, we choose to wait to share final details so that we do not have to send multiple emails, which is a point of conflict this year.  Additionally, we are required to send a COVID self-screening email the day before each camp so that is a good time to send final details at the same time.We will include check-in information in the welcome email moving forward so that people get that immediately.

 How do I know if I have an unpaid balance?

Go to this website (you will need registration ID): https://www.warriorvolleyballcamps.com/Balance.cfm

PLEASE NOTE: You may have multiple registration ID’s for the same person.

 How do I cancel my registration?

Email us to let us know.  There is no option to cancel without contacting us.

 Are refunds available?

If it is a sickness or injury and you have purchased insurance, please file a claim.  If you pay and then cancel your registration for any reason, there are no refunds this year due to the limited spots available and the free option to back out initially.  If we cancel the camp, you will receive a 95% refund.  Additionally, we cannot refund you any processing fees.


PLEASE BRING A WATER BOTTLE! We will NOT have water coolers or cups available.  There is an touchless water bottle filler for water bottles available, however.

-There will notbe concessions or meals available for purchase.

  • Feel free to bring snacks especially if you tend to get dizzy/faint if you don’t eat or if you have a certain medical condition.

-Athletic shoes, clothes, kneepads, and a non-leaking water bottle. Do NOT wear jeans or shoes that will make marks on the floor.

-If medicine is required or likely needed, please bring your own.If you have athletic training needs (such as tape), bring those as well.

We will provide ice and bandages as necessary.
We will NOT provide medicine.
We will NOT provide treatment or taping of ankles, etc.



If you purchased camper insurance, we want to help understand what that means:

-We receive ZERO compensation for camp insurance.
-This is athird-party company that works with our online vendor.
-Please review the documentation of the policy if you purchased it.


-Please maintain social distancing whenever possible
-We have received a mandate that masks must be worn from check-in to the gym floor.They are NOT required once you go out on the floor to play, but welcomed for anyone who would like to wear them.We will provide one mask at check-in to be utilized for these purposes.In regards to safety, we will not assist campers in their masks not fitting or constantly coming off during play.
-Our staff will wear masks the majority of the time especially in close proximity; however, we will have situations where we need to remove them to provide the entire gym with instruction.We will just make sure we are at a far distance before doing so.
-There is plenty of hand sanitizer before entering as well as near each playing area.
-In order to mitigate risk, we are asking that all parents refrain from attending camp, but if you should enter the building for any reason, we ask that you have a mask. Bathrooms on the upper levels are not available.
-At the end of the day, this is a sports camp, and it is impossible to be 6 feet apart the entire time UNLESS we offered a low level, low integrity camp with linear passing and/or other elementary skills that will not be worth your money or our time. If forced with that option, we would cancel all camps.We believe we can minimize risks with how we have structured camps and the nature of our drills, but attending camps is a risk so please consider this before attending.
-If the camper is high-risk and/or her family, we ask you not to attend this year. Our goal is to offer an outlet that has been removed from these kids' lives. We are sad to understand that may not be an opportunity everyone gets to partake, but are grateful we get to offer an experience for many.

Lewis-Clark State College has put in place reasonable physical safeguards relative to the COVID-19 virus. However, an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. While on College property, you agree to follow all posted rules and verbal instructions from College employees, and you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.